Hello, I’m Cara Brookins. I’m an author, keynote speaker, and a single mother of four kids.

And I built my own house.

My kids and I went through some really difficult things. Domestic violence and stalking left us weak and afraid. We needed a house where we would feel safe, so we decided to build one.

The idea was ridiculous. The kids were 17, 15, 11, and 2. I was a programmer and an author. None of us had the muscle or knowledge to build a house. But from the 1500 concrete blocks to framing windows and running gas lines, we did what everyone said was impossible. We built a house and we rebuilt our family.

I wrote a book about building our house and about everything that brought us to the point where building it sounded like a sane idea. I’m still writing books, speaking, and juggling family life. And whenever I get the chance, I encourage people to look closely at their dreams and then build something big.


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Cara Brookins - Rise


“Cara Brookins did something remarkable with her life: She turned trauma into power and fear into courage. She refused to be a victim anymore. In powerful ways, her extraordinary memoir, Rise, tells the story of her resurrection from victim of domestic abuse to bad-ass mom with a hammer and carpenter’s square. You will be enlightened. You will be inspired. You will cheer her on as she builds a new home and a new life for herself and her four children — one brick at a time.”

— John Grogan, author of Marley & Me and The Longest Trip Home




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“Cara slowly filled me to the brim with admiration, hope, and belief that a determined human can do practically anything.”

~ Martha Beck, O Magazine Columnist and New York Times bestselling author