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Raise My Roof

This is a podcast where I talk to ordinary people who ran into a tough time but used it as fuel to build a bigger life.

After I wrote Rise, my memoir about escaping a dangerous marriage with my four kids and building a house from the ground up with our own hands, I realized the story wasn’t over.

I just kept meeting people with incredible stories, and there’s no way I could keep them all to myself.

So I spent weeks interviewing experts, activists, authors, and even my own kids about what they’ve overcome and how.

Now I’m ready to help you lift the roof off your dreams with Raise My Roof!

Not sure what a podcast is? It’s like a radio show.  And keep your money in your pocket—because it’s absolutely free.



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Cara Brookins

Ep 0: Raise My Roof is a new podcast to lift the roof off your dreams so you can set goals and stay motivated to reach them.

Joanna Penn

Ep 1: Cara and Joanna discuss creativity, storytelling, entrepreneurship, and how you can work the day job you love.

Ben Lieberman

Ep 2: Cara and Ben talk about turning loss into activism after a distracted driver accident took the life of Ben’s son.

Ellen Hendriksen

Ep 3: Cara and Ellen discuss the psychology of post traumatic stress after domestic abusive and how to move on.

Hope Brookins

Ep 4: Cara and her daughter Hope discuss what it was like to build a house together from scratch and Hope is now building her own consulting business

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“Cara’s story is so amazing. Very excited to hear this podcast! Thank you, Cara Brookins & family!”

~jgguthri iTunes

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“Love this podcast, very excited to continue to listen.”

~ParkerStaniar iTunes

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“I’m already hooked. Can’t wait for more!”

~MagyarFan iTunes


It’s time for you to do your something big – and doing something big starts with the right motivation.

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