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Rise, How a House Built a Family — A Memoir

After escaping an abusive marriage, Cara Brookins had four children to provide for and no one to turn to but herself. In desperate need of a home but without the means to buy one, she did something incredible.

Equipped only with YouTube instructional videos, a small bank loan and a mile-wide stubborn streak, Cara built her own house from the foundation up with a work crew made up of her four children.

It would be the hardest thing she had ever done. With no experience nailing together anything bigger than a bookshelf, she and her kids poured concrete, framed the walls and laid bricks for their two story, five bedroom house. She had convinced herself that if they could build a house, they could rebuild their broken family.

This must-read memoir traces one family’s rise from battered victims to stronger, better versions of themselves, all through one extraordinary do-it-yourself project.

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Little Boy Blu

Blu Tracey grew up isolated in the Appalachian Mountains and is the only child in his family without a genetic abnormality that causes blue skin. But when he discovers his mother intentionally had abnormal children for a reality television show, he becomes the target of a killer.

If Blu doesn’t expose someone in his own family as a suspect, his siblings will be exploited for their rare, genetic mutation, and worse they could be the next targets in the killer’s pursuit of fame.

The genetic abnormality in this novel is real. Though this story is fiction, it’s plausible in real life.

Timeshifters — A Time Travel Trilogy for Young Adults


Mark of the Centipede

Fifteen-year-old Jordan Booker discovers a time capsule on his crazy aunt’s farm and is launched to an ancient past unlike anything the history books describe. Now he must find and deliver a collection of artifacts to the guardians to save future Earth.

But the Time Ranger, Namor, will do anything to settle his personal vendetta against Jordan. If he can’t kill him, he will trap him in the past forever.


Mark of the Serpent

Jordan Booker makes another journey to a past so ancient it predates our fossil record. This time, he accidentally brings a stranger along for the ride. Not only does he have to collect artifacts to save the future Earth and avoid the Time Ranger who wants him dead, he must also watch over the clumsy tag-along who may be an enemy in disguise.

If Jordan doesn’t make it back to the time capsule before it leaves, humans will be the next extinct species.


Mark of the Spider

Jordan Booker has finally traveled to the ancient city where the creators of his time capsule wait. The teen has the artifacts they promised would save the human race from an ancient war, but he suspects they were lying all along about both the past and the future. Their ancient steampunk city is a challenge to navigate and even a more of a challenge to survive.

In order to save his sister, Jordan must decide if the Time Ranger or a team of rebels is telling the truth. One wrong move could destroy the human race.


Gadget Geeks – A Middle Grade Mystery Novel

Drew is a computer geek who builds cutting edge robots out of electronic scraps he finds while dumpster diving. His latest robot uses a unique power source.

Hope is a wealthy Hispanic girl with busy parents. She certainly never planned to dig in trash heaps for robot pieces, but Drew has shown her how much fun it can be to plan secret missions.

The two unlikely friends end up on a wild adventure while trying to save their sticky robot from a greedy scientist. Along the way they learn important lessons about family, friendship, and even the power of skunk scent.

These worksheets are intended to be used to accompany Gadget Geeks at home, in the classroom, or at other learning organizations. They may not be sold.

Doris Free — A Middle Grade Historical Fiction Series

Doris Free

Doris Free: A Harvest of Friends

Life on a Wisconsin farm in the 1930s isn’t easy. Ten-year-old Doris Free and her family are struggling because of the Depression, and the whole town is on edge as they work to survive.

When a new family moves to Tomah to manage the general store, everyone is curious. And when the new family introduces Cole, the first black man most of the town’s people have ever seen, conflicts begin to build. As the summer cools down, tempers heat up, and the situation grows dangerous. But Doris is determined to help Cole fit in with the people of Tomah.

Doris Free

Doris Free

Ten-year-old Doris is shy, but determined. Her family faces the struggled of daily life during America’s Great Depression in the 1930’s.

When Doris unexpectedly befriends a thief, her life becomes complicated. In order to help her struggling neighbors, she must keep secrets from her family to unite the town.


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These worksheets are intended to be used to accompany the Doris Free series at home, in the classroom, or at other learning organizations. They may not be sold.


Treasure Quest — A Young Adult Mystery Short Story

Fifteen-year-old Cooper would rather spend the summer playing the latest Zombie Civil War Style video game than with his ailing great grandfather, Orson.

But when Orson’s Civil War stories reveal a treasure buried near his home in Pea Ridge Arkansas, Cooper not only pays attention–he uses an ancient map and a journal to go on a quest.

BONUS: Treasure Quest also includes the first three chapters of Timeshifters, Mark of the Centipede.


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